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About Us

HAZMATEAM, Inc. is one of New England's Leading Environmental and Safety training providers.  Our professional staff provide training throughout New England, at our facility or yours.  At HAZMATEAM, Inc. we specialize in providing for all your environmental, health and safety (EHS) training needs.  Our certified EHS trainers have 20 years hazardous materials training and management experience, and can provide you with superior instruction using quality equipment and materials.

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HAZMATEAM, Inc. offers numerous courses in the air transportation of dangerous goods, as well as training in water transportation of dangerous goods and the IMDG Code. No matter how you ship, let us provide you with the proper training to transport your hazardous materials safely.

We also have course offerings in the following areas:

  • OSHA (Hazwoper Emergency Response, Incident Command)
  • RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (Hazardous Waste Management)
  • Confined Space Entrant/Attendant or Rescue
  • DOT - Department of Transportation
  • International Air Shipping
  • Water Transportation of Dangerous Goods (IMDG)
  • Basic Hazardous Chemistry and Laboratory Safety
  • Construction and Industry Safety Training
  • Chemical Emergency Response Planning

Need site-specific safety training at your facility? HAZMATEAM, Inc. can supply on-site specialized training in many areas, including personal protective equipment, hazardous materials handling, chemical storage, job hazard analysis, fall protection, and many other areas of workplace safety.   We will make special arrangements to hold training courses at your location, wherever you may be located. We supply all necessary equipment and materials.

We are also equipped to offer some training via streaming live from HAZMATEAM, saving you travel and allowing unlimited viewers.  Call us for more details.

A selection of our training materials       We can transport our training materials anywhere
Hands-on equipment is used at our sites or can be transported to a site convenient for you. 

HAZMATEAM, Inc. also offers audit services and consulting services to ensure that your company is prepared for any inspection and that you remain in compliance with federal and state regulations.  We can audit your company for DOT Compliance, EPA Compliance, OSHA Compliance, Environmental and Safety Inspections and more.  Our consultants will prepare compliance reports and help you create risk management, contingency, or RCRA training plans.  We can even help you fill out your permits.

Please visit our course listings for more details and a complete listing of course offerings.

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