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 Approved Courses & CEUs
for Wastewater Operators in New Hampshire

Many courses at HAZMATEAM qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards the requirements for renewal of the wastewater certification through the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES).  For more information on wastewater operator certification and renewal requirements, see the DES Wastewater Engineering Bureau
Course Code Hazmateam Course Name # of CEU points
DOT8 8-hour DOT Refresher 0.8
DOTFS DOT Manifesting & Function-Specific 0.8
DOT16 16-hour DOT Advanced Refresher 1.6
DOT24 24-hour DOT Initial 2.4
AIR24 24-hour IATA Initial 2.4
AIR16 16-hour IATA Refresher 1.6
IMDG16 16-hour IMDG Initial 1.6
IMDG8 8-hour IMDG Refresher 0.8
LABSAFE Laboratory Safety (4 hour) 0.4
RESP Respiratory Protection 0.4
LOTO Lock-Out/Tag-Out 0.4
FIRE Fire Extinguisher/Hose Safety 0.4
CPR First Aid and CPR 0.4
HAZCOM Hazard Communication 0.4
IC Incident Command 0.8
SITE40 OSHA HAZWOPER Site Operations Initial 4
SITE8 OSHA HAZWOPER Site Operations Refresher 0.8
EROPS OSHA Emergency Response Operations 0.8
ER24 OSHA Emergency Response Technician 2.4
ER40 OSHA/EPA Emergency Response Initial 4
ERREF OSHA Emergency Response Refresher 0.8
EHS Environmentally Hazardous Substance Classification 0.4
CDL CDL Review 0.8
CERP1 Chemical Emergency Response Planning, Part 1 0.6
CERP2 Chemical Emergency Response Planning, Part 2 0.6
LEPC 12-hour LEPC and SERC Training 1.2
LEPC2 16-hour LEPC II Hazardous Materials 1.6
CSENTRY Confined Space Entrant/Attendant 0.8
CSRESCUE Confined Space Rescue 0.8
  4-hour Hazardous Waste Management 0.4
LQG8 8-hour Hazardous Waste Management Refresher 0.8
LQG16 16-hour Hazardous Waste Management Initial 1.6
CONST 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety 1
INDUS 10-hour OSHA General Industry Safety 1
CHEM Chemistry for the Non-Chemist 0.8
TERROR Emergency Action Planning for Terrorism 0.8
SCAF Scaffold Safety 0.8
EXC Excavation & Trenching 0.8
FALL 4-hour Fall Protection 0.4
WELD Welding & Cutting Safety 0.8
Electrical Safety 0.8
  Powered Industrial Trucks 0.6
  Powered Platforms, Manlifts & Vehicle Mounted Platform 0.4
  Air Monitoring 0.8
  Personal Protective Equipment 0.4
  Hazardous Chemical Storage Safety 0.4

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